Valley & Co’s Spring Berry Cocktail Party


Valley & Co. created a a delicious berry-inspired get-together for spring focusing on two of our flavors, Sangria and Wild Berries!
Head on over to their blog to find more entertaining tips and a simple berry dessert!


Cocktail Party Tips:

-Break out vibrant linen napkins and tie them together with a festive ribbon. Take it one step further and secure silverware in the roll-up for an outdoor party.

-Let guests dress up their cocktails with herbs and berries to their liking.

-Need to chill beverages quickly? Try freezing the glass for 10 minutes. It will give it a nice frosty finish before you pour.

-Freeze grapes on skewers for an hour. Remove from the freezer and place in a goblet filled with Seagram’s Escapes Sangria. Not only do they make an excellent garnish, but they’ll keep the beverage chilled!

-Pre-make mini desserts in small bistro glasses with three elements: fresh whipped cream, chilled berries and crumbled pound cake. Place them in layersfor a sweet and easy treat perfect for spring!

-Let your signature cocktail act as the inspiration for your color story and enhance it with fruit spilling out of tall glass pedestals


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